Thursday, 26 February 2015

Slogan T-shirts Can Naff Off

I've decided this blog is getting a bit too twee. Time for some vitriol - this is the internet after all....

In my day-to-day life, when I get up every morning and put on my clothes to go to work, I have to admit I don't put too much thought into my outfit: I work in a lab so whatever I'm wearing will be hidden under a white coat for much of the time. When I'm at work, comfort is key. As such, t-shirts make up a large percentage of my wardrobe. You would think that t-shirts would be the easiest thing ever to buy when clothes shopping: they don't have to be a perfect fit or be anything special, it's just a t-shirt. In and out of H&M in 10 minutes. WRONG. T-shirts have all sorts of nonsense written on them and I can not abide by going around with some slogan written across my chest unless I 100% whole-heartedly agree with what it says.

Now I'm not dissing all t-shirts with writing on. Band t-shirts are an obvious exception. If you are a die-hard Ramones fan, by all means wear your Ramones top. Sports tops are also acceptable, as are "Lads on Tour: Italia 2014" tops. If you believe in it, wear it with pride.

No, I raise objection to the t-shirts you see in any high-street clothes shop that seemingly have a random phrase plucked from tumblr on them. For example.....

"Love is Overrated". A classic. Might as well just write "my boyfriend dumped me" on yourself. 

Another fine example of the "pity me" t-shirt. Emos have a lot to answer for.

Often I find that an otherwise nice top that I'd definitely buy has been spoilt:

Speak for yourself love

No it isn't.

Whose address is that?

Then there are the ones that just don't make sense:

Eat lunch with Leprechauns?


Potentially this one is making a really witty joke but I just don't get it.

This one isn't though. This one literally makes no sense.

Perhaps I'm being a judgmental kill-joy and I should lighten up and:

Or maybe I'm right. I'm sticking to plain t-shirts.

Oh come on!

Do you love slogan t-shirts? Tell me why and I might relax my stance.