Monday, 29 December 2014

Origami Fairy Lights

On Christmas Eve-Eve, my boyfriend's parents dropped off a mountain of presents at our flat. Amongst them all was a large, golden bag that was addressed to me from my boyfriend's younger sister Lizzie. I eagerly eyed up this bag for two days: knowing that Lizzie is a bit of a crafter, I knew that whatever was inside would be something good! 

Upon ripping into the bag on Christmas morning I found the most beautiful string of fairy lights, blooming with origami flowers.

As it dawned on me just how much work would have gone into making 50 of these intricate paper flowers I marveled in Lizzie's genius - it would probably take me about an hour to master one of these, Lizzie assures me she's cut it down to 10 minutes!

The papers Lizzie has chosen are so colourful and retro without being garish. I think these lights would be pretty with plain papers but the floral patterns make them really special. There are so many fairy lights on the market at the moment but I've never seen any as lovely as these ones and I feel very honored to be able to keep them for myself.

I've decided to put them in my bedroom as the colours work well in there, but for now I'm just going to gaze at them on my bed. Thank you Lizzie :)

Learn to make your own origami lilies here.

*Update* - My origami fairy lights in situ: